0800 hrs – Meet our guide at Hotel Lobby and depart to Kinabalu Park, which will takes about 2 1/2 hrs. Drive along the Crocker Rage Ridge Passing through country sides,  village,  mountain views.  A short stop at Pekan Nabalu,  where handicraft can be bought,  and some local topical fruits catch the glimps of the Mountain.  (If weather permits)

-Depart to Kinabalu Park

*Kinabalu Park was designated by UNESCO by UNESCO in year 2000 which staggering the area of 754 km2 with 4 climate vegetation zones from 500-4000 meter ASL. KINABALU PARK produced a width varieties  of natural attractions such as Ferns, Orchids, specially the largest flower in the Kingdom of plants, REFFLESIA and enjoy the cool invigorating air.

– Lunch

-Visit Cattle Dairy Farm

*A well know as a Moo-Moo of Sabah. Located at the foothill of Mount Kinabalu overlooking a beautiful Green Posture  that often choose as a wedding photography destination.

*The cows are amazing, they are probably the best workers in the world. They cut grass and turn the grass into milk, with no complain. Instead, they ask for “moooore milk”.

-Proceed to Moroli River for fish massage. (Tagal Fish)

*A fish massage sound odd, but it’s unique experience you might not curios to try. “Tagal” means no fishing.

– Hotel Check in at Sabah Tea Garden.



-An amazing view of Tea Plantation that surrounded by Pristine Rainforest, you may experience the beautiful morning sunrise and misty dead. (Weather permits)

-After breakfast, take an interesting  information Guided Tour of the Tea Factory and learn how the Tea leave raw processed and pack.

– Hotel Check Out

-Proceed to Poring Hotspring

*”Poring” is a kadazandusun words for Giant Bamboos species growing abundantly found at the Hotspring Park. Spend the day exploring the forest stroll admits the tree top canopy walkway.

*The world largest flower  (Refflesia)can be found in the area.


-Return to Kinabalu


” The tours call off if wishing you had a wonderful stay and hope to served you in again future”….

Thank You